ibanq for your business

ibanq is a multi-currency, virtual IBAN account that's integrated directly into our foreign exchange services and global payments network. That means you can manage, maintain and distribute funds in up to 39 currencies from one single account.
Virtual IBAN

How does it work?

We developed a virtual IBAN solution so you can work with global business funds the same way you would with a regular bank account. Virtual IBANs enable businesses to segregate remittance flows with 100% accuracy and without the need for reconciliation via a master account. So you can be confident knowing it’s safe and simple for both you and your customer.
What can it do

ibanq features

We offer a range of sophisticated products and functionality to ensure that we can solve industry and company specific problems.

Local routes

Circumvent needless delays and charges by tapping into our local knowledge and banking network

Total visibility

Track payments and account activity with real-time reporting, statements, and audit logs, so you are always in control.

Instant proof of payment

Download irrevocable payment confirmations with every transaction with MT103s.


Accept up to 39 different currencies into one single account without any conversion costs.

Competitive pricing

With our access to multiple wholesale liquidity providers you gain from competitive rates.


Create purpose-specific sub accounts in your name to save on manual entry.

Multi-level authorisation

Build a system that works for you to ensure the right people are instructing the right amounts.

Configurable accounts

Centralise your cash-management system with an account structure that mirrors your business functions.


"The ibanq platform is user-friendly and provides very competitive FX rates as well as the most up-to-date security protocols with a sleek design. It's difficult to say where they could improve."
UK Pharmaceutical Company - Director

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