ibanq Mass Payments

Mass Cross-Border Payments

Simplify your large-scale payments operations with ibanq. Our international liquidity network gives you access to over 100 currencies, so you can process international payments in bulk without having to open local currency accounts.


Challenges We Solve

Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Automates repetitive tasks associated with processing large volumes of payments, saving time and resources

Error-Prone Transactions

Minimise the risk of errors in payments, ensuring accuracy and reliability in financial operations

Cost Inefficiencies

Reduces costs associated with individual transaction fees and manual processing, leading to significant savings

Limited Scalability

Provides scalability to handle growing transaction volumes efficiently without compromising speed or accuracy

Poor Payment Visibility

Enhances transparency by providing real-time tracking and reporting of payments


Sophisticated user-permissioning and robust controls to eliminate unauthorised or fraudulent payments

What Our Clients Use Our Solution For

Global Payroll

International Supplier Payments

Multi-Currency Payment Scheduling

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