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Access an all-in-one treasury management and payments solution, which facilitates instant, low cost and transparent payments in and out. Our platform prioritises security, utilising advanced encryption technologies, access restrictions, and bespoke authentication procedures to safeguard all transactions.

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ibanq Capabilities

ibanq offers two distinct payment solutions for growing companies: Multi-Currency Accounts and Mass Payments. Whether you seek versatility or efficiency, these tools work seamlessly together or individually to meet the needs of your business. Need guidance? Our team is here to help.

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Multi-Currency Accounts

Eliminate the need for owning separate and costly foreign currency accounts overseas. With just one account, you can send funds from and receive funds to the same account in up to 38 currencies, segregating the funds into individual currency wallets to help streamline your reconciliation processes.

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Mass Payments

Streamline your large-scale cross-border payments effortlessly with our platform's Mass Payments feature, supporting seamless transactions in over 100 currencies for unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

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