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Technology has evolved, and so have your needs. It’s time for the next generation of international payment solutions.

IFX 15 years in operation

Simplify cross border payments

We’re building a better banking experience to meet our clients’ expectations for today and tomorrow. Combining years of financial expertise with the latest technology, we are transforming the way you move and manage money internationally - at reduced cost.

What we do

Whether it’s a single transfer or your international payroll run, IFX Payments have global payment solutions to save you time and money.

Foreign exchange

Transferring large amounts of money overseas can be an intimidating process. Seemingly small fluctuations in exchange rates can dramatically impact the amount that individuals have to pay. Our expert currency consultants ensure that our private clients always secure the best deal possible.

Mass payments

This is our flagship complete cross-border payment solution, giving you streamlined access to over 90 currencies in more than 120 countries. Integrated within ibanq, our mass payment solution - mPay - opens up single or multiple payment capabilities.


Take advantage of our next generation banking solutions at enterprise level with our fully automated API:CONNECT. Our payment and foreign exchange capabilities integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, delivering a simplified, accurate, cost and process efficient workflow.

Multi-currency accounts

Manage your cross border cash flows with our innovative multi-currency wallet, which enables you to maintain funds in up to 39 currencies and distribute in upwards of 70. Built to meet your exacting needs, our unique portal puts you in control of your finances 24/7.

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We’re here to help you find the right payment solution, right now, with market leading rates that save you time and money.

Our global reach

IFX Payments delivers multi-currency solutions for businesses and individuals everywhere.