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Introducing ibanq

ibanq is our innovative platform designed to cater to the complex financial needs of businesses, giving them the tools to streamline their banking operations. For businesses looking to simplify their financial operations and optimise financial performance, ibanq is the go to platform.
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Virtual IBAN

Our virtual IBAN empowers businesses to effectively manage incoming and outgoing payments from a single IBAN . Segregate remittance flows with 100% accuracy without the need for reconciliation via a master account, ensuring a secure and streamlined experience for businesses and their end customers.

Total visibility

Track payments and account activity with real time reporting, statements, and audit logs, so you are always in control.
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Local routes

Circumvent needless delays and charges by tapping into our local knowledge and payments network.
Transparent pricing


Accept up to 38 different currencies into one single account, eliminating any conversion fees typically incurred when receiving foreign currency payments.

Instant proof of payment

Download irrevocable payment confirmations for every SWIFT transaction with MT103s. *

Auto reconciliation

Create purpose specific sub-accounts in your name, for better transaction tracking and reporting accuracy.

Competitive pricing

With access to multiple wholesale liquidity providers, you gain from competitive market rates.
API Ready

Configurable accounts

Centralise your cash management system with an account structure that mirrors your business functions.

Multi-level authorisation

Sophisticated user permissioning allows for granular control over payment approvals, and robust controls to eliminate unauthorised or fraudulent payments.

*MT103s are standardised SWIFT payment messages used specifically for international wire transfers. They are globally accepted as proofs of payment and include all payment details such as date, amount, currency, sender and recipient.


Mass Pay

Streamline your large scale payments with our advanced mass payments capabilities. Our international liquidity network gives you access to over 100 currencies in over 120 different countries, so you can process international payments in bulk without having to open local currency accounts.
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Automatic validation

We make sure your payments are delivered on time by automating country rules and prevent avoidable returns by using our pre-validation screening system upfront.
scalable solution

Scalable solution

Whether you’re making a hundred payments, or tens of thousands, through our cloud-based infrastructure we give you the freedom to scale up into new markets.

Transparent pricing

Create purpose specific sub-accounts in your name, for better transaction tracking and reporting accuracy.
Competitive rates

Competitive rates

We have relationships with a host of financial partners and wholesale liquidity providers so you can gain from more competitive rates and faster settlements.
Configurable accounts

Flexible integration

Via either API ** integration or web based platform, we tailor our solution to meet your existing process.
Competitive rates


Pay out in over 100 different currencies to over 120 different countries via a host of alternative payments routes.

**An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software applications to communicate and interact with each other.

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