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If you’re buying or selling assets overseas, investing in international companies, or moving to a new country, we can help you to manage the risk associated with foreign exchange transactions and save you money.
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We’re authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority so you know that we implement robust policies and procedures to ensure that your money is protected at all times.
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Preferential rates

Small fluctuations in rates can impact the amount that you pay. Our currency consultants will ensure that you always secure a preferential rate.
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Customer support

We’ll assign you a dedicated currency consultant, who will be able to provide you with a tailored service experience.

Purchase example

Total visibility
Step one
Set your budget
Suppose you find the perfect holiday home. A great place, in an ideal location. Best of all, the price is right. So, you agree to pay the vendor this amount.


Transparent pricing
Step two
Set your rate
You agree the price with the vendor for this ideal holiday home. The exchange rate at this time is €1.20 to £1. So you budget to spend this amount.


automatic validation
Step three
Avoid surprises
But when you come to complete the deal, you discover the exchange rate has dropped to €1.13 to £1. So, you now suddenly need to find this amount.


We can protect your purchase when buying a property overseas, by locking-in the exchange rate when you agree the price. So, whatever happens in the FX markets won’t derail the sale.
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Lets us know about your foreign exchange needs by completing our form and one of currency experts will contact you to explore how IFX can help you mitigate your risk of currency rate volatility.
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Its important to us that you understand exactly what happens to your money when you use our services, so we've provided the below list of frequently asked questions to help you stay informed.
  • FCA Authorised – with segregated accounts keeping client money separate and protected.
  • Competitive rates – wholesale rates of exchange save our clients considerable amounts.
  • Intelligently timed transfers – assisting our clients in managing their FX exposure.
  • Dedicated currency consultant – one point of contact to assist you with expert account management
  • Get in touch for a free quote.
  • Our currency consultants will help you set up an account.
  • They’ll then help you lock in a rate of exchange.
  • You make the payment via bank transfer.
  • We send the payment to the beneficiary you provide.
  • Most transfers can be completed within the same day. Your dedicated currency consultant will help optimise timings for each transfer.
  • The minimum transfer is £5,000 or the equivalent.
  • We accept payment via electronic bank-to-bank transfer. Please note, we can’t accept cash or cheques.
  • Where we are required to segregate client funds, we do so by placing the funds in a segregated account (known as a ‘safeguarding account’) at Barclays Bank PLC. As an EMI, IFX is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Instead, where IFX have segregated client funds in a safeguarding account, funds are separated from IFX’s other assets.