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Transferring large amounts of money overseas can be daunting. Small fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can dramatically impact the amount that you pay. Our currency consultants will ensure that you always secure a preferential rate.

  • Dedicated currency consultants for every client
  • Competitive market exchange rates
  • Market updates and tailored insights
  • Authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

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Property purchase example

Suppose you find the perfect holiday home. Best of all, the price is right. So, you agree to pay the vendor this amount


You agree the price with the vendor. The exchange rate at this time is €1.20 to £1. So, you budget to spend this amount


But when completing the deal, you discover the exchange rate has dropped to €1.13 to £1. Now you need to find this amount


We can protect your purchase when buying a property overseas, by locking-in the exchange rate when you agree the price. So, whatever happens next, the foreign exchange markets won’t derail the sale.

We would save you


How to get started



Call +44 (0)20 7495 8888 for a free quote, to see what you can save.



Secure a competitive foreign exchange rate with one of our consultants.



We send your payment by bank transfer to the beneficiary, at the agreed rate.


Thank you to Andy Atkins and the team at IFX Payments for their professional and flawless assistance with my personal transfers. They helped when my own bank was being difficult and I highly recommend them.

- J Barr

Partner programme

For ambitious business partners, we can offer your clients a level of strategic support, personal service, and cost-saving that banks and other mainstream providers cannot match. We help our clients to anticipate and manage exchange rate fluctuations, and choose the most advantageous contracts.


FCA Authorised – with segregated accounts keeping client money separate and protected.

Competitive rates – wholesale rates of exchange save our clients considerable amounts.

Intelligently timed transfers – assisting our clients in managing their FX exposure.

Dedicated currency consultant – one point of contact to assist you with expert account management

Get in touch for a free quote.

Our currency consultants will help you set up an account.

They'll then help you lock in a rate of exchange.

You make the payment via bank transfer.

We send the payment to the beneficiary you provide.

Most transfers can be completed within the same day. Your dedicated currency consultant will help optimise timings for each transfer.

The minimum transfer is £5,000 or the equivalent.

All our transfers are fee-free.

We accept payment via electronic bank-to-bank transfer. Please note, we can’t accept cash or cheques.

All our clients’ money is held in specifically identified accounts by our bankers in accordance with the FCA Client Money Rules. There is no crossover between client funds and our own. Accounting records are audited externally for accuracy and FCA compliance. In the unlikely event of failure or default by IFX Payments, client funds are ring-fenced and protected.